How do you solve a problem like Ron Paul?

Hi my name is Ron Paul

It’s hard for me to say this but I have a man crush on a 76 year old Congressman from Texas. Yes I know, me a husband and father whom some would argue holds some ‘homophobic views’ cannot get enough of Crazy Uncle Ron.

Who? you ask. Ron Paul I say otherwise known as Dr No. Back in 2007 I stumbled across this guy on YouTube and along with Peter Schiff, Judge Napolitano & Jim Rogers he has become a viewing staple of mine chewing up a sizable chunk of my monthly data allowance. Barely a day goes by when I don’t check the net for the latest news articles or video clips on Dr Paul.

Now if you’re reading this outside of America then it’s no surprise you don’t know him. I have not seen him on Australian TV in the past 5 years. If you’re in America then thanks to CBS, NBC and FOX then you probably haven’t heard of him either. If you have its a fair chance he was featured as a subject of ridicule by some TV anchor whose job is to tell you what to think because they don’t want you to think for yourself.

Ron Paul is running for the Republican nomination for President in 2012 but those that run the party, the media, the banks and the so called military industrial complex don’t want him elected so they try to pretend he doesn’t exist. He is the proverbial elephant in the room. If he wins a straw poll it’s an anomaly. If anyone else wins they are a ‘top tier candidate’ These king makers have gotten used to the idea that they choose a few puppet candidates who will do their bidding if elected and let the little people play with the toys and decide which one of the puppets gets to sleep in the White House and fly in Air force 1.

It’s rather subtle and yet essential so voters think they actually have a say in the running of their government and that they actually popularly elect the President. They don’t. Just ask anyone from Florida. It doesn’t really matter if the winner goes by Brand Democrat or Republican because either way nothing substantial in foreign or domestic policy changes. They just continue the cycle of print, borrow, spend, tax, grow government and it’s debt. What they fear is that the little people who together hold more power than they realize (if they knew how to use it) might actually vote for somebody else if they ever got the chance. 

Someone who won’t maintain the Washington agenda that has prevailed over that past 5 decades. Someone who gets 70% of all donations made by past and current military servicemen and out polls Obama head to head. That person is Ron Paul. He may be running as a Republican but the values he holds haven’t held sway in the GOP for the best part of 100 years. I mean who’d wan’t to go to peace? There’s no profit in that.  You can’t make you’re sales budgets at Lockheed Martin if peace breaks out all over the Middle East! He is only running as a GOP candidate because the system of elections has been so corrupted that if he didn’t he would have little hope of getting onto ballots.

He learned that lesson in 1988 as the 3rd party Libertarian candidate. Ron Paul is variously described as nutty, loopy, crazy, isolationist, fringe and radical. The media would love nothing more than to add a salacious sex scandal to his bio, discredit him and finish him off politically to cries of “off with is head!”. Alas after 52 years marriage to Carol he’s no match for the sleaze factor Rudi Giuliani can offer the GOP. Ron Paul is the only politician I have ever come across that strikes me as truly honest.  He is unskilled in the art of question deflection and the only guy who answers questions in debates directly without fear or favour. He follows his core principles come what may. Whether the issue is war, drugs, tax, jobs, education, gay marriage or whatever Ron Paul has maintained a consistent view for 30+ years.

This kind record is unheard of in politics and it is exactly why he is so dangerous to those whose best interests are served in maintaining the status quo. i.e. the ruling elite. He cannot be bought by these special interests and they hate him. He wants to audit and ultimately shutdown the Federal Reserve counterfeit service and the IRS. His views may be radical but we could well argue that the views of America’s founding fathers in demanding freedom and liberty were even more radical. Just because something is radical doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

With a solid base of support from the little people behind him the battle ahead remains open. Before anyone will vote for Ron Paul they need to really understand the basics principles of freedom and Austrian economics vs Keynesian economics. Once they do that then they find it hard to support or vote for anyone else. The challenge is to get enough people to care enough to read enough to be then able to understand the message. I can only hope so. Ron Paul 2012


A bit of a sports nut who enjoys, cycling, basketball and golf although the proverbial gut he carriers around suggests not doing enough of the above. Believe's in free people, free markets and small government. Unashamed fan of Ron Paul. Mood swings can be tracked along the lines of match results for Essendon FC and Tottenham Hotspur. Interest in rugby nil. 


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  1. Joe
    November 16, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    Nov 12th CBS foreign policy debate and troop donation statistics:
    Paul – 1 question, 1 follow up, $113,739 from troops
    Perry – 5 questions, 2 follow ups, $7,325 from troops
    Gingrich – 5 questions, 1 follow up, $1,725 from troops
    Cain – 5 questions, 1 follow up, $9,518 from troops
    Romney – 4 questions, 1 follow up, $11,555 from troops
    Santorum – 3 questions, 2 follow ups, $750 from troops
    Bachmann – 3 questions, $7,182 from troops
    Huntsman – 2 questions, 1 follow up, $0 from troops

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