Lance Armstrong, Star Wars and Le Tour de Farce

Lance, meet Craig

Grey-Friendly: Backpack Travels' Next Border-Crossing.

The Kardashian Paradox

Lance, meet Craig

Adds new meaning to the Johnny Cash Song “Ring of Fire” They say the truth will set you free. We…

The Kardashian Paradox

Work, Self-belief, not much sleep, oh and a wealthy background. There is a weird phenomenon that I’ve only now been…

Left Colum

Lance Armstrong, Star Wars and Le Tour de Farce


I use to think that the men who climbed through the Pyrenees and Alps in the Tour de France, or should we say Tour de Farce were hard, tough souls. I thought they were strong willed, determined individuals able to push their bodies beyond the limits of human physical capabilities.

Lance, meet Craig

Adds new meaning to the Johnny Cash Song "Ring of Fire"

They say the truth will set you free. We are taught from a young age that lying doesn’t pay.  Some, it seems tread another path.  Following the 4 corners report last night any hope that Lance Armstrong is innocent of the doping allegations evaporated in my eyes. Lances’ insistence that he is innocent seems deluded…

Grey-Friendly: Backpack Travels’ Next Border-Crossing.

old backpacker

When did global budget travel become the restricted domain of youngsters? I naively thought that, financial means willing, anyone could jump a plane or train and voyage the earth on a shoestring regardless of race, sexual preference or age. Well how wrong I was. Accommodations may sing their values for gay-friendly, child-friendly and even pet-friendly,…

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The world is cumming together

Condom Wrapper

Every 4 years our buffed and beautiful (and Russell Mark)embark on a 2 week odessy of Olympic competition in some exotic location. This time around as I write the athletes are converging on London and checking into the Village. While the Taxi drivers bitch about road closures and the Security company GS4 can’t get their…



  They walked across the large piazza of an Italian city. The impressive marble CHURCH was shining in the early morning sun. A street cleaner hoovered and washed over the cobbles past them as they made their way for the short-cut through the old UNIVERSITY. A black African man approached them and opened with “Ciao…

Here we Gay again


You can’t open a paper or turn on the telly these days without being bombarded with stories on gays, the virtues of being gay, gay marriage , gay sport stars,  sitcom characters and other assorted attention seekers outing themselves. After Magda came out on TV Jeff Kennett followed up this morning with his unsubstantiated AFL gay…